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California Travel: A perfect bike tour of Santa Monica and Venice

By: Jim Byers Travel Editor, Toronto Star, Published on Fri Jan 18 2013

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA —… a solar-powered ferris wheel that lights up the Southern California night in a glittering array of blues, reds and greens…

Alternately, you can soak in the view of a seemingly endless sweep of beach backed by the purplish, craggy Santa Monica Mountains or admire the serenity of bright yellow homes and diving pelicans on the increasingly clean canals of Venice or admire the regal architecture of beachside estates.

It’s all there on the fabulous, three-hour tours of Santa Monica and Venice tours that you can take with Pedal or Not using bikes that can be ridden with human power or juiced with an electric motor.

We pass legendary Muscle Beach on the way back, where Schwarzenegger used to pump iron prior to his political career.

Only in California.

‘Pedal or Not’? A no-brainer

By Andrew McUtchen on NineMSN Travel

On this absolutely must-do bike tour of Santa Monica’s key spots you’ll see the soul of the place – from Venice Beach and the crazy canals (Santa Monica’s version of the Goldie) to the absolute beachfront holiday home once owned by Clark Gable. And the best part of it is, the decision is yours. You can pedal, or not. The bikes have little motors and can be mopeds if you’d prefer to take it easy. Considering many of the stops on the tour are inaccessible by car, this is really the business for the intrepid, but lazy, tourist. The fresh air is good for you either way.

To Pedal, or Not to Pedal: That is the Question in Santa Monica


One of the best ways to get to know Santa Monica is on two wheels — whether you want to pedal or you just want to cruise. Earlier this year Pedal or Not opened shop with a fleet of California-made Pedego electric bikes that they use to give small group tours of the area. The bikes have options for all riders: full electric motor power that you can switch on with a twist of the wrist; six gears that allow you to pedal yourself; or the best of both worlds — pedaling with a dash of lithium power to assist. Electric bikes allow for long, leisurely tours (roughly three hours), starting downtown and heading toward Venice. The groups are kept small (no more than five people) and the tour guides are self-professed storytellers, filling the ride with history about Santa Monica’s landmarks. You’ll stop at the former beach house of black-and-white film star Marion Davies — a 110-room mansion built for her by William Randolph Hearst. You’ll also visit the only church ever to win an Academy Award (as the tour guides like to put it): St. Monica Church, which was featured in Bing Crosby’s film “Going My Way,” based on a pastor at St. Monica. (The film won Best Picture in 1944.)

Two Days in Santa Monica

By: Melanie Nayer Posted on: Huffington Post

Santa Monica beaches are some of the best in Southern California but to really experience all of Santa Monica, you have to set out and explore. Pedal or Not, 1515 7th Street: The small bike shop is operated out of a renovated garage and offers guided bike tours daily. The bike tour will show you some of Santa Monica’s most unique sights, including Muscle Beach, Skateboard Park and the Venice Canals. You can stop and go as you please, and the best part? If you get tired of pedaling, you just turn the throttle and let the battery speed you on your way.

Los Angeles Times Magazine

Think you’ve seen L.A. every which way? Then take to the ultra-cushy seat of a Pedal or Not beach cruiser. Owner Barb Wittels relays local lore on tours through Santa Monica and Venice. Remember Long Wharf—the port that never was? Abbot Kinney’s muse for the Venice Canals? Kick up the heart rate with six gears, or flick your wrist for a big push, at up to 20 mph. Vroom! $59. 310-917-1111, pedalornot.net.

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